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I want to maintain hot water over all 24 hours but seem to get this graph with suddenly no hot water when I want it. 

I've set temp to 50° with a 5° drop temp. 

Ideas please? 


Screenshot 20240218 152600 MELCloud

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Where is your water tank?  I'm wondering how it gets so cold, way below room temp.  Does it ever actually get to 50 deg at the taps?


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I suspect that the temperature sensor may be low down in the tank, such that when hot water is drawn from the tank it is not too long before the cold replacement water from the mains hits the sensor, causing the quick reduction in temperature reading.


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I suspect you have your hot water on a timed schedule so that its only allowed to come on at particular times of the day.

If you go to the hot water menu does it show the clock symbol by it, if it does then that means its on a schedule.  If you want it maintain the hot water temp 24/7 then press the button under tap icon so that it shows the play symbol, this means its on constantly and will heat the hot water as soon as it drops below 45C as you have a 5C drop temp.




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