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[Solved] Daikin Altherma noisy heat pump - help and advice needed

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So we had another visit yesterday, two installers with lot more experience. They sorted it, in about 30 minutes. They unclipped the pipes from the ceiling joists, so they now just sitting on top of insulation. Said they okay to leave as not moving.

like you all recommended it was pipes attached to joists. 

They said from the beginning they wouldn’t have installed as their colleagues had. They would have gone from the top of roof and put the volumiser on top of the airing cupboard. The ceiling was  like  a drum vibrating from the pipes.

Anyway so far so good and we wasn’t woken last night. hope this may help someone else. We do still have noise but that is purely the ashp and when it’s not on full speed you can’t hear it. 

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