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Domestic supply - Minimum service level

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I've been taking advantage of Octopus Agile plunge pricing today - EV charging and laundry on the go. 10.2kW from the grid. On checking my grid voltage it reduced from an average of 240 V to 220V when we switched these loads on. I've still to get my home battery and ASHP so I'm now concerned that my apparent 80A supply (fused at 100A until the cut-out assembly was replaced as a result of damage last year) will be inadequate before long. I don't like the idea of having to pay for a supply upgrade, particularly when - to all intents an purposes - I had 23kVA at my disposal last year. I wouldn't be too happy paying increased standing charges for National infrastructure upgrades if they can't get local distribution right 😉 .  There is a minimum service level for grid supply voltage (216.2V).  Is there a minimum level for current or power?

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