What is the Ideal Heat Pump Temperature for Hot Water?

What Is the Ideal Heat Pump Temperature for Hot Water

We address a common query among homeowners: Can an air source heat pump adequately supply hot water for daily needs? With a focus on optimising operational efficiency, we share our personal experience with setting our heat pump system to maintain water at an ideal temperature of 44°C.

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327 kWhs
2 months ago

Where and when did this myth start? Bearing in mind the requirement for legionella safety every week it is firstly clear that heat pumps can supply ultra hot water if needed. From there it is simply a matter of dropping temperature and time settings to individual requirements. We find 44-6 perfect and because I have a bath each night I simply leave the hot water heat pump on to top up whenever it needs. We should invest in a gravity feed shower but the en suite was refurbished before the HP and I’m not going to create distruption
I also now tend to fill the kettle with hot 44-5 water as it boiled quicker and should use less power than the hungry kettle

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