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Grand Designs (The Cotswolds)

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Interesting Solar Roof on the latest Grand Designs - they had a crew travel over from Estonia to install it, shame that the National Grid cant take all the power they produce.


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If that Grand Designs site is in the Cotswolds, then it will indeed be connected by National Grid Electricity Distribution (NGED), who were originally Western Power Distribution.

The transmission grid (above 132kV) is operated by National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET).

Both companies have constraints on their networks due to insufficient capacity for 'reverse power' through their transformers or voltage/thermal overloads on their cables.

I have access to data and maps which show these.
So if you want to know which issue affects a particular geographic area, then I can look it up.
I may or may not be permitted to post the information here. It depends on copyright, privacy and national security issues

NGET have just completed a nationwide series of workshops in which they described their intended (massive) infrastructure upgrade plans to eradicate constraints.
These plans are still subject to assessment by Ofgem, and will form part of their contract from 2025 - 2035.

Just remember that any increase in grid capacity has to be funded by customer bills!


NGET are required to incorporate feedback from 'stake-holders', which are normally considered as Local Authorities, national organisations dependent on electricity (eg emergency services), and commercial companies developing or selling equipment for grid connection.

However, if there are relevant comments or suggestions which the wider general public (ie you!) would like to be taken into account, then there are still channels open through which those can be made.

At the moment I have two ongoing discussions with senior NGET managers:

  • general feedback on issues directly related to their planned upgrades, with alternative suggestions such as increasing demand-flexibiity
  • specific questions about extracting to the Transmission Grid, the ever-growing surplus of electricity from renewable sources in SW England


So, @misterb you can either make a single point here, for me to alert NGET of the URL so that they can read it...
... or you can start an entire fresh topic in which we can have loads of feedback for them to consider.

It depends what's on your mind.

Save energy... recycle electrons!

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