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Hi folks, we’ve just moved in to a new build with an Ecodan heat pump, it was set up very inefficiently, but thanks to the wonderful info on this forum our COP is looking a lot better, so thanks for that!

I have set it up to run with a weather compensation curve and 38c @ -3c flow temp seems to be doing the trick (very cold here just now).

I’ve scheduled the hot water to run for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening @ 48c, seems to work nicely.

I’ve scheduled the heating to turn off from 12am - 6am to cool things down a couple of degrees overnight and to quieten things down, as the tank is between two bedrooms.  I’ve noticed when the heating and hot water are both off, there is still a circulation pump running constantly, is this normal? The actual heat pump fan is shutting off as expected during this time.

the master bedroom has been made a zone and the radiator has no TRV, so it was getting really hot with the heating running all night, I’m not sure if there is any other way to avoid this other than switching off?

Just wondering if this all sounds ok, as I’m a total newbie and have no friends with heat pump systems to discuss with.


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Hi @pumpitup and welcome.  It sounds like you're doing things right. Well I would say that as you're doing almost exactly what I do.  Not sure what you mean by Switching off but you should be able to use the timer on the main controller to turn one zone off at night if you want (maybe this is what you are doing anyway). Let me know if you need more details on how to do this.

The pump running might be the Freeze Stat function.  Depending on how it's set it comes on when the outside temp runs below a set level. It pumps the water round and heats it up if the flow drops below a certain level. It's easy to change or disable. Once again shout if you want to change and don't know how. Btw Freeze Stat it uses very little power.   

I find switching off at night with the timer a good option.  It definitely saves us money and keeps the bedrooms a bit cooler, which we like.




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Thanks for the reply Kev, I’d never thought about shutting off the bedroom zone, I only just realised yesterday that I need to schedule both the zones to turn off for the pump to shut off overnight, need to do a degree in this stuff 🤣

I’ve scheduled it to shut off the bedroom zone earlier than the living room tonight so will see how that goes.

the freeze stat function would make sense as it’s below zero here just now, I’ll see if the pump shuts off at night when things get a bit warmer.


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