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ASHP tariffs

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I'm brand new to this forum after searching for the best heat pump tariffs! 

Had Grant aerona x2  10kw installed last January along with pv system to heat circa 380sqm

So far so good, but that's helped with the fact I'm on SPower EV tariff where it's 6p/kw MN to 0500 and 31p/kw through the day. My tariff expires sadly in May, so am trying to find the best battery deals for when the crunch happens of the end of the tariff which brought me here.

Currently using circa 16000 kw per year (with 2 EV alongside), but with disciplined RHI repayments and yet to be received SEG payment should mean the price is a lot lower than when we used oil.

We have been more than happy with the heat and hot water delivered through the pump although cylinder has been notched up to 55 degs from 45 and thermometer set at 18.5  - 20 degrees  over the cooler periods. 


Any Recommendations on battery and size or is it better to purchase more panels (in addition to 4.32 array).


Are there still such tariffs available or any tips on using heat pumps?


We leave ours on manual for heat and overnight to heat the water cylinder. But wondered if it's worth programming the time to a lower temperature through the day to gently increase by .5 each hour until say 0800 in the morning. 


Any tips on usage very welcome!

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Heat loss calc 16.5 kw @ -2.8 degrees
4.32 PV

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@bretix To be honest, the time you really need the batteries is the winter and the solar won't really put any power into them. My recommendation is go for as big a battery as you can, get an inverter which can charge/discharge at 5kw (maybe get 2) and move to octopus Go.

That's literally all you can do right now. 

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