Tips on choosing a heat pump installer – unbiased, homeowner advice

how to choose a heat pump installer

As the UK gears up towards 600,000 heat pump installations per year, we have seen an increase in poorly designed installations that are costing a lot of money to run and that are not adequately heating properties. The most important aspect of any heat pump installation is that it is designed, installed and commissioned properly if you stand any chance of the system working as it should.

We installed our air source heat pump in 2018, and it was an above average installation, and we are now sharing our personal tips and advice to help you identify red flags and select the best possible installer you can find.

In this video, we discuss the merits of MCS-accredited installers, the importance of heat-loss calculations and the power of word of mouth recommendations.

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Heat loss calculators: 
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Kidded I was
90 kWhs
10 months ago

Mars my Heat Pump is a disaster fitted under a Grant,will save you money I was told a complete lie and no after sales they banged it in no instructions at all,no timer nightmare.Now who do I complain too.MCS waste of time HIESS haha don’t go there.I know Heat Pumps compared to Oil and LPG is OK holds it own,but there are plenty of us who have had their pants taken down where do we turn.Doomed haha Cheers Mars like your site spot on

53 kWhs
9 months ago

I was quoted £500 for a Heat loss calc from a few heat geeks engineers, British Gas did it for free 🙂

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