Dr. Jan Rosenow talks to us about the future of renewables

Dr. Jan Rosenow

Watch our interview with Dr. Jan Rosenow, Principal and Director of European Programmes at the Regulatory Assistance Project, where we discuss his background and passion for protecting the environment, his thoughts on renewable heating, the role of hydrogen in heating homes, concerns about rising electricity tariffs, district heating and his personal experiences with an air source heat pump.

Jan has several board appointments including the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy and the Coalition for Energy Savings, and is also an Honorary Research Associate at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute. In recognition of his work, Jan was named one of the world’s top 25 energy influencers and has been appointed Special Advisor to the BEIS Select Committee’s inquiry into decarbonising heating.

We would also like to thank the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) for sponsoring this video.

Enjoy the interview, and please join the conversation by leaving questions or comments below.

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9 months ago

great interview, lots of useful information thanks for making the effort to post this!

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Reply to  Nigel
9 months ago

Thank you Nigel. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we’re pleased you enjoyed the interview.

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