Perfectly Paired: Solar PV and Heat Pumps

Solar PV and heat pumps

Heat pumps hold the potential to significantly reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels for heating homes. However, numerous challenges stand in the way of realising their full potential. These include the costs of equipment, the need for specialised engineer training, the suitability of properties and tales of poorly installed units. Furthermore, the negative portrayal of heat pumps in some sensationalist media adds to the skepticism.

One particular hurdle that stands out is the cost of electricity. Heat pumps are indeed efficient, but they consume a considerable amount of electricity. With current high electricity prices, especially for those on unsuitable tariffs, this can lead to unexpectedly high bills. This has caused some early adopters to face steep costs, deterring others from considering heat pumps due to fears of high expenses.

It’s important to note that many of the horror stories about exorbitant bills often come from heat pumps that were poorly designed or installed. Despite this, prospective users should be aware of the need to choose the most appropriate tariff before installing a heat pump.

The solution shines brightly with solar power. Integrating solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with your heat pump setup can drastically reduce running costs by generating free electricity from the sun. This not only feeds the heat pump but can power other household needs. Adding battery storage allows for the accumulation of solar energy, making it available day and night. This solution benefits not just heat pump owners but also those with high energy demands and electric vehicle (EV) owners.

Switching to solar power, coupled with a heat pump, can nearly eliminate gas and electricity bills, pushing households towards energy independence and significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

When transitioning to solar power, it’s crucial to reassess your energy tariff to ensure it maximises the benefits of your new setup. Excess energy stored in batteries can even become a source of income when sold back to the grid, under schemes like the Smart Export Guarantee.

Despite the challenges facing the widespread adoption of heat pumps, when properly selected and installed, they are key to achieving a sustainable future. This journey is further facilitated and made more affordable by embracing additional green technologies, such as solar power.

This post has been written and contributed by Heatable.

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Gerry Goldner
17 days ago

How many suitable tariffs are available and by which suppliers?

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