Heat Pump Winter Update: Setpoint vs. Weather Compensation

Winter ASHP update

It’s time to find out how our air source heat pump system performed this winter and whether set point flow temperatures are better than weather compensation.


  1. Weather Compensation: After years of operating with a fixed setpoint flow temperature of 45°C this is the first winter we’ve run exclusively on weather compensation. This allowed our heat pump to adjust its output based on external temperatures, leading to a more efficient operation and significant energy savings.
  2. Addressing System Inefficiencies: We have also uncovered inefficiencies related primarily to our buffer tank, which impacted the system’s overall Coefficient of Performance (COP). We plan to bypass the buffer tank and reconfigure our system to operate as an open loop, aiming for enhanced efficiency.
  3. Impact on Energy Consumption and Costs: By switching to weather compensation, we observed a remarkable decrease in electricity consumption from an average of 72 kWh per day in January 2021 to approximately 37 kWh per day in the recent winter months. This adjustment not only improved our COP but also halved our heating costs.
  4. Future Plans: In April, we will undertake a major modification of our heating system, focusing on removing the buffer tank and heating zones.

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