Get Ripped, Not Ripped Off: Win a Copy of Bodge Buster

Bodge Buster

As the UK sees a surge in the adoption of heat pumps as a sustainable heating solution, the concern over subpar installations has equally risen, leaving homeowners in search of reliable guidance.

Enter Bodge Buster, a book designed to turn the tide against the flood of substandard heat pump installations. It aims to unravel the complexities surrounding heat pump installations, providing readers with essential questions, actionable advice and insights to protect their investments from frequent missteps.

Homeowners now have the chance to win a copy of Bodge Buster. This guide empowers readers to engage confidently with installers, make well-informed decisions, and implement practical tips to maximise system efficiency and effectiveness. From identifying potential red flags to understanding the critical queries before commissioning an installation, Bodge Buster stands as an invaluable ally for anyone contemplating an air source heat pump.

Available for purchase on Amazon and Apple Books in both paperback and ebook formats, Bodge Buster promises accessible, on-point advice for a broad spectrum of homeowners eager to embrace green technology without falling prey to the pitfalls of poor installation. Don’t miss this chance to secure your copy through our giveaway and step confidently into the world of heat pumps, equipped with the knowledge to ensure your home’s comfort and efficiency.

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