Bodge Buster: Air Source Heat Pump Installation Advice for Homeowners

Bodge Buster by Mars

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new book, Bodge Buster, a detailed guide aimed at helping homeowners navigate the complexities of air source heat pump installations. This books arrives at a crucial time, responding to the escalating concerns regarding the rising trend of poorly executed air source heat pump installations in the UK. It targets a significant issue in the renewable heating sector, where the frequency of substandard installations has been growing, leading to widespread dissatisfaction and doubts about the technology’s reliability.

Bodge Buster has been written to educate homeowners on the fact that the efficiency and performance of air source heat pumps and their running costs are largely dependent on the quality of their installation. The book is filled with questions that homeowners should ask installers, practical tips for optimal operation and insights to assist in making well-informed decisions.

The motivation for Bodge Buster stems from our personal ordeal with a challenging heat pump installation in a rural Victorian farmhouse. Additionally, the decision to write this book was significantly influenced by the hundreds of people reporting bodged heat pump installations on the Renewable Heating Hub forums and that have reached out to us via email and our social media accounts.

Bodge Buster is now available for purchase as a paperback and as an ebook, and it is a valuable resource for anyone considering an air source heat pump.

Please help us spread the word about Bodge Buster with your friends, family and colleagues, so that more homeowners can benefit from informed decisions and high-quality installations in their journey towards sustainable heating solutions, and together, we can create a standard of accountability where installers can no longer get away with shoddy installations.

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[…] for purchase on Amazon and Apple Books in both paperback and ebook formats, Bodge Buster promises accessible, on-point advice for a broad spectrum of homeowners eager to embrace green […]

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