Balancing Act: Why Your Heat Pump Shouldn’t Rest on Stones

In the pursuit of more environmentally friendly energy and heating solutions, air source heat pumps have become a key feature of sustainability. But this transition comes with a word of caution for homeowners, particularly when navigating eco scheme installations. Daniel Davies, a Heat Geek certified engineer, recently attended two neighbouring properties and documented what he found. The images accompanying this article, taken from his site visit, illustrate a concerning trend.

At both properties, the heat pump systems were installed hastily, wrapped up in a single day, with no attention to proper commissioning. Such slipshod work not only hampers the system’s performance but also jeopardises the credibility of eco-friendly initiatives. Disenchanted homeowners, burdened with inefficient systems and rising costs, are increasingly returning to conventional oil and gas boilers as a result.

The repercussions of a poorly installed heat pump are extensive: increased energy bills, reliability issues and a general mistrust in renewable technology. Those who have endured such negative experiences are understandably hesitant to revisit the idea of a heat pump.

The solution? Due diligence. It may sound nuts and counterintuitive, because you’d naturally expect that the installer is competent and the job would be done right the first time. But, as experience shows, this is not always the case in the UK. Therefore, before finalising any installation, it’s absolutely crucial to exercise due diligence by having an experienced engineer review the setup. This step, although it might seem like an extra hassle, is your best bet in ensuring that your investment into a greener future is sound. Heat pumps are expensive, so why take the chance?

If you’re at a loss for who to contact, there’s a resource available at your fingertips: the Renewable Heating Hub forums. Post photos on the forums which are regularly visited and read by experienced homeowners and installers.

Identifying and amending any issues early on can save you from future headaches and expenses.

It’s worth noting that many installers are committed to quality and sustainability. However, the subpar work of a few can cast a shadow over the entire industry. By ensuring that your heat pump is installed correctly, you’re not just securing your home’s energy efficiency; you’re also supporting the integrity of eco-friendly initiatives and helping to pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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