Win EVE Thermo and EVE Energy Bundle

Eve Thermo and Eve Energy Giveaway

We are extremely excited to team up with EVE for a special giveaway, focusing on enhancing your home’s energy efficiency this winter. Understanding the importance of saving energy and reducing costs, especially during the colder months, is at the forefront of our mission. That’s why, in collaboration with EVE, we’re offering three lucky UK homeowners the chance to win an EVE Thermo and EVE Energy bundle. These innovative smart home devices are expertly designed to help you manage your heating and electricity usage more effectively, leading to savings on your energy bills.

EVE Thermo: A smart radiator thermostat that offers precision temperature control. With its intuitive scheduling, the EVE Thermo adapts to your daily routine, ensuring your home is warm when you need it and conserving energy when you don’t.

EVE Energy: This smart plug not only allows you to turn devices on and off remotely, but it also monitors their power consumption. Gain insights into which appliances use the most energy and manage them intelligently to reduce your electricity bill.

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Graham Hendra
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21 days ago

brill gadgets

Sheila Reeves
Sheila Reeves
9 days ago

Really useful gadgets, didn’t realise you could get the trvs!

Skip Farley
Skip Farley
8 days ago

Definitely a Smart way to cut your electricity bills.

joy buckenham
joy buckenham
7 days ago

amazing giveaway very useful

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