What questions should I be asking my heat pump installer?

Bodge Buster

With the rising popularity of air source heat pumps in the UK, the risk of poor installations is also increasing. However, homeowners can avoid these issues with the help of Bodge Buster, a practical guide written by a homeowner. This book provides essential knowledge and confidence for a successful heat pump installation.

Key Features of Bodge Buster:

  1. Essential Questions: The book lists important questions to ask your installer, covering all stages from the initial design to the final commissioning. This ensures you are well-informed and can make decisions that protect your investment.
  2. Actionable Tips: Bodge Buster offers practical advice for optimizing your heat pump’s performance, helping you achieve energy efficiency and lower bills.
  3. Homeowner Empowerment: Written by a homeowner, this guide shares relatable insights and tools, enabling you to navigate the heat pump installation process confidently, regardless of your technical knowledge.
  4. Confident Communication: The book helps demystify technical terms, teaching you how to communicate effectively with installers and ensuring high installation standards.
  5. Avoid a Bodge Job: Learn to identify poor practices and make informed decisions that protect your investment and ensure comfort.

Bodge Buster is available for purchase in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon and Apple Books. By using this guide, you can ensure a smooth and efficient heat pump installation.

Purchase Bodge Buster at:

Get Bodge Buster to ensure a high-quality heat pump installation and improve your home comfort.

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Derek M
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613 kWhs
4 months ago

Have you read the installation and commissioning doc for the unit, are you at all competent? Wish I had asked that.

Sukh S
22 kWhs
Reply to  Mark
4 months ago

I second that. Had an installation recently where there was an almighty racket coming from the new outdoor unit. The installer shrugged his shoulders and asked me to log a call with the manufacturer. After looking at the installation manual I discovered that they hadn’t removed the transportation bolts in the unit and after a bit of DIY I managed to removed the bolts and hey presto, super quiet unit. (Daikin Altherma incase you were wondering)

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