What is the coefficient of performance (COP)?

coefficient of performance

Graham Hendra explains the important of the coefficient of performance (COP).

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The coefficient of performance (COP) is a measure of the efficiency of a heat pump or refrigeration system. It is defined as the ratio of the heat or cooling output of the system to the electrical energy input. A higher COP indicates a more efficient system.

For example, if a heat pump has a COP of 3, this means that for every unit of electrical energy input, the heat pump produces 3 units of heat output. This means that the heat pump is converting the electrical energy into heat with an efficiency of 300%.

COP is an important measure of the performance of a heat pump or refrigeration system, as it can help determine the energy savings and cost-effectiveness of the system. A system with a higher COP will use less electricity to produce the same amount of heat or cooling, which can lead to significant energy savings over time.

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