Showing your heat pump some love with ACF50


Heat pumps and air conditioning units are subject to some terrible conditions, and I personally think it’s time to give them some love. Your heat pump lives outside in all kinds of weathers: sun, rain and snow. If you don’t look after it, it will eventually fade and start to look tired and unloved, just like you would if you laid out in the weather all day without a bit of moisturiser. If you live by the sea like I do in Southampton it’s even worse.

Eventually the sea air and spray will rust the metalwork of the unit, despite the claims of the manufacturers who all treat their coils with special coatings. The tin work is going to rust. It’s life. Please, I implore you don’t tell me “our unit doesn’t rust because it’s got the new fangled bullshit coating on it.” It hasn’t. They only coat the coils, we all know it, and the casing is going to rust. 

In saline conditions you need to have your unit coated with Bronzglow or Blygold – they are like varnishes that protect the paintwork. Some manufacturers do this for you as an option and call the units coastal. But if you forget, or you are in a rush to install before the RHI ends, or an idiot drills holes in the unit to put the cables in, it ruins the paint coatings. So the units rust. 

I advise everyone sprays every unit with ACF50 once a year no matter where it’s installed. ACF50 is like pink olive oil. You spray it on and wipe it over the unit with a rag. It comes up really shiny. You can use it on metal or plastic and it looks amazing. Once you are into ACF50 you start spraying it on your tools and everything else. I use it on all my motorbikes and they gleam. Avoid using it on the brakes though, trust me. 

Nothing ever rusts with ACF50 on it. It lasts about a year then you do it again. Don’t worry. I don’t sell it nor do any of my family or friends – I just love it so I thought I would tell you about it.

Today, I did the mighty RED heat pump in the garden, and it looks better than new. 

So welcome to a richer life with ACF50 in it. Enjoy it and welcome to a rust free shinier life.

P.S. Amazon sell it.

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