Next-Gen Heat Pumps for Eco-Conscious Homeowners

New Clivet ASHPs

For homeowners exploring heat pump options, the upcoming Clivet Edge F is noteworthy because of its anticipated balance of efficiency, comfort and technological features. While it hasn’t hit the market yet, it is expected to offer new options for those seeking a central heating system centred around a heat pump.

Edge EVO 2.0

The Edge EVO 2.0, which is already to homeowners on the UK, is an air-to-water heat pump designed for both heating and cooling homes, and it also provides domestic hot water. A notable feature is its compatibility with solar panels, aimed at eco-friendliness and potential cost savings. It’s engineered to perform efficiently in various weather conditions, and the model’s design allows for the integration of up to six units, offering customisation according to home size and specific needs. Additionally, it includes options for advanced control, such as smartphone app integration and a Modbus port for connectivity with home automation systems.

Edge F Series

The Edge F series is designed for varied heating and cooling needs, including domestic hot water production. Its focus on energy efficiency aims to reduce energy consumption while maintaining comfort levels. The series is known for its high efficiency, which is expected to lead to lower energy bills for homeowners. Additionally, the Edge F series is designed to perform reliably in different weather conditions, ensuring a stable and comfortable home environment irrespective of what the British weather throws at it. The Edge F series seems to represent a blend of efficiency and consistent performance, targeting residential heating and cooling applications.

User-Friendly and Environmentally Conscious

On paper, the Edge EVO 2.0 and Edge F series from Clivet appear to combine technological features with user-friendly design. They are equipped with intuitive controls, operate quietly and require minimal maintenance, making them practical for everyday use in homes.

By designing heat pumps to be compatible with renewables, manufacturers like Clivet provide homeowners with the opportunity to adopt a more sustainable approach to heating and cooling their homes. This compatibility is especially relevant in the context of global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable energy sources in everyday applications.

Who is Clivet?

Clivet may not be a household name for many UK homeowners. Founded in 1989 in Italy, Clivet started with producing chillers and heat pumps. Over the years, the company has expanded its product range to include specialised systems like rooftop units, water loop heat pump (WLHP) systems and residential systems. In 2016, Clivet formed a strategic alliance with MIDEA Group, integrating MIDEA’s products, technology and sales structure into their offerings. Clivet is now a global company with a presence in over 90 countries and boasts a significant manufacturing and service network, including facilities in Italy and branches across Europe and the world.

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