How loud & noisy are air source heat pumps?

Air Source Heat Pump Noise

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are often perceived as loud. However, modern models are significantly quieter than earlier versions. The actual noise level of an ASHP can vary based on the specific model and the quality of its installation. Ensuring the pump is installed correctly is key to reducing noise emissions. Understanding these noise levels is important for homeowners to determine if an ASHP is a good fit for their living environment.

If you would like to submit your heat pump loudness, please follow the instructions provided here:

In the video below, we have six real-world air source heat pumps provided by homeowners – Daikin EDLA08E2V3, Grant Aerona3 10kW, LG Therma V 16kW, Global Energy Systems Caernarfon 18kW, Daikin ERRQ-016AV1 and 16kW Mitsubishi Ecodan 14kW – along with the decibel readings to give you an idea of their noise levels.

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