Can I connect a heat pump to my existing radiators?

radiators and heat pumps

Graham Hendra reveals whether your existing radiators that work with a fossil fuel boiler will work with a heat pump.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Auream Energy for sponsoring this video. To find out more about their solar installation services please visit their website.

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Brendon Uys
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Mike Croker
Mike Croker
2 years ago

Or increase the dwelling’s level of insulation by 30%….

1333 kWhs
1 year ago

Or settle for a lower COP from a high temperature heat pump.

40 kWhs
1 year ago

Our Mitsubishi Ecodan Heat pump delivers very poor COP scores (less than 2.3) I have just had an engineer in who rebalanced the system, but did not replace any parts. It cost us a whopping £1188 for five and a half hours work but there has been No improvement. We have all the right emitters and the house is well insulated with triple glazing throughout and thick insulation on loft floor .we run our heat pump all the time We are on weather compensation mode but Mel cloud app does not show any flow temperature. Is this a problem ? Friend has pointed out that we would be better off reverting to an oil fired boiler I certainly cannot go 0n with exceptionally high costs including huge bills for no performance from the air source heating engineers. Can any one help

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