22 October 2021

Are the UK government’s ambitious heat pump targets realistic?

Richard Lowes

We had the opportunity to recently speak to Richard Lowes, senior associate at the Regulatory Assistance Project. Richard provides some honest insights and views on the UK government’s ambitious target of installing over 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028, what may help lowering the price of heat pumps and installations, and he shares some general advice for homeowners looking to switch to a heat pump.

We would like to thank the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) for sponsoring this video. If you would like to find out more about ground source heat pump solutions, please visit the GSHPA website.

Zoom wasn’t great on the day we recorded this interview, so the lip syncing misaligns quite frequently.

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1 comment

Brian Mallalieu 20 October 2021 at 13:19

Just watched your interview with Richard Lewes, with both of you giving the impression of being quite pro-supportive of the latest government optomistic proposals for a major heat pump conversion & installation ‘revolution’. But, you made no reference to the all too many adverse reports & experiences that are to be found in & on ‘My Home Farm’ emails e.g. cowboy installers, inadequate survey & design, poor efficiences, increased annual running costs, equipment failures, unsatisfactory installer service following completion etc. With the government large progressive target annual installations & coupled with media promotion linked to climate change alarms, I have very serious concerns for the general public who will be swept along without sufficient regulatory protection — especially the poor? Have you made such important concerns & requirements clearly known to HMG relevant Committees on Climate Change & Industry/Energy?


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