Air source heat pumps for £5,000

Aimee and Mubeen

Octopus Energy are entering the market this year to deliver air source heat pumps in the UK for £5,000. We speak to Aimee Clark, Head of Commercial | Low Carbon Technology, Octopus Energy and Mubeen Hafeji, Head of Supply Chain | Low Carbon Technology, Octopus Energy Services about how Octopus Energy is going to accomplish this ambitious goal.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Octopus Energy sponsoring this video in the Renewing the Conversation series.

To find out more about Octopus Energy’s heat pump services please head over to their dedicated website where you can sign up.

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83 kWhs
1 year ago

So they admit ASHP are a “low *steady* heat” but a few minutes earlier they suggest people will run their ASHP at times in the day when the energy tariff is low? That is a contradiction and a worrying one from people trying to get into the ASHP game.

Last edited 1 year ago by greekgoddj
Michelle Shortt
Michelle Shortt
1 year ago

This is flannel from how they will get costs down to £5k. No details just magical ‘technology will fix it’

John hunter
John hunter
8 months ago

I tried to get Octopus to quote me but they wouldn’t even discuss it because the house was 192sqm – regardless of my insulation, location, heating requirements etc etc – computer said NO!

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