Ian Rippin explains what the MCS is and how it protects homeowners

Ian Rippin - MCS CEO

Ian Rippin, CEO of the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), explains what the MCS is and how it provides protection to homeowners in the UK. We have a candid conversation about the MCS and the need for a property passport in the UK. 

We also discuss some of the issues facing the MCS and whether there will be enough certified and competent installers to fit the 600,000 heat pumps per year that the UK government is pushing for by 2028, and learn about a new exciting apprentice programme that is going to be rolled out next year.

We would like to thank IMS Heat Pump Installers, an award-winning installer of air source and ground source heat pumps, for sponsoring this interview.

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west 14 September 2023 at 16:39

Thank you, interesting, the problem seems to be, that while the equipment (GSHP) is approved and the installer is approved, yet the installation is not, so if the design, radiators, thermostats, UFH, controls etc is badly done there is no come back? RECC pass issues to Napit, Napit eventually inspect the installation, several years after the installation, inspector agrees bad system design, suggest possible solutions, to get the system working, they don’t fully work, installer no reply, Napit says installer not registered for the installation only the MCS approved heat pump, so left with an expensive system that does not heat the whole house, but does heat the UFH when lounge is at 27 degrees. Sending engineers who say “I know nothing about GSHP” and spends hours on the phone with the manufacturer.
We need a regulation system that covers the whole installation, not just the equipment or the installer MCS, RECC, and Napit do not do that, why?
Consumers are spending the cost of a new car on these systems, nearly 10 years later, still have a system that was badly designed, never worked fully for the whole house even now.


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