Lifestyle changes can save over 100,000kg/CO2 in energy savings

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As the dust settles after an eventful COP26 in Glasgow, if nothing else, more people have been made aware of the climate crisis. The problem is, many households are struggling to understand how they can go about decarbonising. To help people understand and visualise the figures and statistics making the headlines, Nu-Heat have launched an interactive Carbon Saving Tool on their website. The visual calculator shows just how green the average household can go, by adding up potential carbon savings room by room. Every little bit helps.

For example, over 25,210 kg of CO2 (the equivalent of 43 flights from London to New York) can be saved from just these four simple changes alone:

22,233 kg of CO2 by changing from a petrol to an electric car
2,393 kg of CO2 by eating a vegan diet
310 kg of CO2 by turning the heating thermostat down by one degree Celsius
274 kg of CO2 by reducing shower times by half

To put this in perspective, you’d need to plant 1,008 trees a year to offset that amount of CO2.

Many of the visitors to this site have switched from an an oil boiler to an air source heat pump and an average UK household will save 4,523 kg/CO2 each year as a result, or 2,330 kg/CO2 each year if you’ve switched from a gas boiler to an air source heat pump.

The onus ultimately falls on households being able to adapt lifestyle choices, and can find out how they can potentially save up to 75,000 kg/CO2 by checking out Nu-Heat’s interactive tool. Nu-Heat have gathered data from trusted sources, to help households make a difference every day.

Check it out, and leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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