28 September 2021

Face to face with renewable heating experts

Renewable Heating Hub YouTube Channel

We are excited to announce that Renewable Heating Hub will be launching a YouTube channel in September. To kick off the launch we are going to have an interview series where we will speak to industry leaders and high-profile experts. We have already lined up and confirmed our first 10 guests who are some of the industry’s most renowned and respected professionals and installers.

Given the recent media attention, the purpose of the channel will be to provide homeowners and consumers with an objective source of information and an opportunity to address questions and concerns that are being widely discussed at the moment. We will also be discussing the future of renewable heating in homes and getting the experts to share their tips and insights with us.

We want our audience to be involved as much as possible and for this to be an opportunity for us to put forward your questions to the experts. If you have any burning questions, concerns or worries about renewable heating please send them to us now so that we can try to include as many of them as possible in our interviews: editor@renewableheatinghub.co.uk

Our first interview will be posted in September, and the date will be confirmed soon.

If you don’t want to miss any of the episodes, please head over to our YouTube channel now and subscribe. Your support would be massively appreciated.

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