Can oil boilers play a role in reducing carbon emissions?

Martin Cooke

As we transition towards a net zero future it’s important that we embrace as many technologies and solutions as possible to reduce home heating carbon emissions. Martin Cooke, managing director of EOGB, sat down with us and explains their modulating boiler can play a role in cutting carbon emissions, especially when used alongside a biofuel like HVO.

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2545 kWhs
1 year ago

I think what i am not convinced about is that are there better uses for a finite amount of biofuel. For example for air transport rather than home heating. Or for surge electricity power stations at peak times.

1 year ago

Martin talks about picking the right boiler for the right property. Sutherland Tables has developed an online calculator which allows a heating engineer to accurately and automatically calculate the appropriate size of replacement central heating boiler for ANY domestic property – check it out at Home Heating Calculator Its FREE!! Soon to be extended to give the corresponding costs in terms of £ and CO2e emissions!

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